Recent Before & After Photos

Cleaning Up Debris After Storm in Amarillo

What would you do if your bathroom floor was covered with sewage and other contaminants due to a broken pipe? After an incredible amount of water damage, SERVPR... READ MORE

Bathroom Water Flooding in Amarillo, TX

SERVPRO of Amarillo recently responded to a call from a young family whose four-year-old son flooded their bathroom. The little boy asked to use the restroom, a... READ MORE

Water Damage in Kitchen and Laundry in Amarillo, TX

When a tenant in Amarillo, Texas called to report water damage in the kitchen and laundry room, we came out and assessed the damage. The inspector noted that th... READ MORE

Upholstery Cleaning Services in Amarillo, TX

This family's child has been diagnosed with asthma. The child spends most of their time indoors in order to avoid triggering an attack. However, the child spend... READ MORE

Hallway Ceiling Water Damage Restoration

After a rainstorm on a weeknight, the interior hallway ceiling of this office started to leak. By the next day it had collapsed in multiple places. Luckily, the... READ MORE

Dirt Loves to Ride this Scooter!

When extinguishing a house fire, holes are often put in walls and ceilings. Doing so causes dirt from the attic to be deposited in the areas below, sometimes c... READ MORE

SERVPRO Makes it Clean again!

For your home or for your business, SERVPRO® We were called by a local apartment complex, after a tenant moved out the mess, and the smell, was more than th... READ MORE

So much water...

A local shop owner opened the door one morning to find two to three inches of water everywhere. She slogged to the phone, called her plumber to stop the water ... READ MORE

Graffiti made "Like it never even happened." ®

A local business called us to remove some graffiti. Painting over the graffiti rarely has the desired results. Standard products didn't produce the results requ... READ MORE

Flooding at the Don Harrington Discovery Center

Rainwater combined with a plumbing issue caused extensive flooding at the Don Harrington Discovery Center. SERVPRO of West Amarillo was called to the center. Ga... READ MORE