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Textile and Clothing Restoration After Mold, Water, or Fire Damage

10/13/2021 (Permalink)

The Esporta Wash System in Amarillo, Texas SERVPRO of Amarillo is an expert clothing and textile restoration company. Contact us anytime for guidance.

Can Clothes Be Sanitized After Fire and Water Damage?

Yes! But not where you may think.

A regular washing machine can clean most clothing items, and there are even some detergents on the market today that tout they will disinfect your clothes to help battle Coronavirus. For an everyday clean, this method is excellent!

For other situations, a regular washing machine won’t be able to get your clothing sanitized correctly. Why?

  • Home washing machines use the agitation method of cleaning.  You put your clothes in the machine, they are exposed to clean water and detergents, and then they are thrown and pressed against each other inside the machine. The agitation helps clean the surface of the textile but can’t guarantee that every fiber is also cleaned--this is especially true in thicker clothing like coats, or blankets, linens, and towels. 
  • The agitation method of cleaning causes significant wear on clothes.  A regular wash will destroy more than save for delicate items like dresses or your child’s favorite blanket. 
  • Regular detergents may be inadequate to eliminate the contaminant on the clothes. 
  • Many home washing machines aren’t large enough to properly clean bulk items like bedspreads. These items need plenty of space, water, and power to be properly washed.  

When Do I Need Professional Laundry Service? 

If you have already come against any of our bullet points above, it’s time to think about a professional cleaning service. There are also other situations where the benefit of a professional laundry company is necessary. 

These situations include:

  • Water Damage with Contaminated Water.  Items that have soaked contaminated water should be handled carefully because they pose a risk to human health. We call contaminated water “Category 2” and “Category 3” water. This includes, but is not limited to, water that has passed through walls or floors, water that has sat still for an extended period, rising waters (floods), and sewage.  
  • Fire Damage. Sometimes it’s evident that a piece of clothing has been part of fire damage. The item isn’t burnt, but it’s covered in dark soot. Other times, you may be able to smell the odor of fire smoke on the item. In both of these cases, professional help is needed. Putting these items in a regular laundry machine or even a dry cleaning machine can embed the smoke and soot particles further into the textile and worsen the situation. Soot and smoke also need specialized detergents available to professionals to disinfect and eliminate the particles properly. Textile restoration after fire damage should happen as quickly as possible because eventually, the soot will permanently stain the fabric it’s sitting on with a yellow or brown hue. 
  • Mold Infestation. Closets are popular places for mold growth, so we often get calls asking for textile sanitization as part of mold remediation. We can successfully rid the item of the mold spores, but cleanup should happen quickly. Mold eats the surface of whatever it’s sitting on, so eventually, it will eat any fiber and even leather shoes. 
  • Biohazard Cleanup. We can safely remove contaminants after biohazards like sewage, bloodborne pathogens, and much more. 


SERVPRO of Amarillo uses the Esporta Wash System to sanitize clothing and textiles of all kinds.  

We are the only Esporta Certified Operator in Amarillo, the Panhandle, and the High Plans Area. 

Our office has multiple machines to handle any size job, and our textile restoration technicians have sanitized hundreds of thousands of items.  

Contact us today for complimentary guidance. We’re Here to Help. 

What are Textiles?

We use the term “textile restoration” because textiles encompass many different items, including clothes.  

Imagine your home flipped upside down. Everything that is not physically bolted into the frame of your home will fall. All of those items are called contents. 

Now imagine going through your pile of contents on the floor (remember: your house is still upside down). Any contents that haven’t broken are called soft goods or textiles.  Textiles are what our Esporta Wash System can sanitize.  

Textiles include:

  • Clothing
  • Leather items: shoes, belts, gloves, hats
  • Shoes
  • Blankets
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Toys, including dolls
  • Sports Equipment, including helmets and bulky hockey equipment
  • Hats

The Esporta Wash System

We’re able to sanitize textiles thanks to the most advanced technology on the market--the Esporta Wash System.  

SERVPRO of Amarillo has been an Esporta Certified Operator for over five years, and we have invested to own multiple machines to help us with any size project.  

The machine helps us produce the best-in-class restoration numbers, with over 85% of textiles successfully sanitized on average for each of our clients. No other cleaning type is this successful. 

Esporta can: 

  • Sanitize up to 100 pounds of clothing in just one (1) cycle. The large size helps us process large loads quickly. 
  • Sanitize Category 2, Category 3 water-damaged affected items, plus
  • Fire damaged items, including those heavily covered in smoke and soot, plus
  • Mold infested items

What makes the Esporta Wash System unique?

  • It uses a proprietary blend of up to seven detergents to safely and correctly sanitize contaminated items. The machine is intelligent enough to mix the detergents depending on the severity and type of contamination. 
  • It is large enough to have any sized job. We have yet to encounter a blanket too big for the machine to clean. 
  • It uses hydraulic pressure to push the contaminants out of each layer of fabric. The machine cradles the clothing inside its inner compartments and then spins rapidly enough through detergent-laden water to force the contaminants out of the material.  
  • It is pH friendly. The result is an environmentally friendly product and produces textiles that are clean enough to wear safely. 
  • The machine is gentle. Because it doesn’t need agitation to do its job, clothes laundered don’t experience the wear and tear of a typical washing machine. 

We Use Esporta Ourselves!

When we need to clean our heavy winter blankets and clothes, we trust our technicians and Esporta Wash System to get the job done correctly. The results are always impressive:

  • Fresh
  • Light - getting rid of all dust makes your textiles feel lighter
  • Soft
  • Clean

SERVPRO of Amarillo’s Textile Restoration Procedure

Pick-up, storage, and delivery are available! Our clients should expect no less from a full-service restoration company like SERVPRO of Amarillo.  

Textile restoration services are usually part of a major mold remediation project or a water and fire damage restoration. Our procedure involves:

  • Move-Out. We pack our client’s textiles and drive them back to our cleaning warehouse. We’re willing to go wherever you are, whether it’s Amarillo, the Texas Panhandle, or surrounding areas. 
  • Inventory. Our textile restoration technicians inventory every piece of clothing. We use this information to create an estimate for you or your adjuster to approve. 
  • Approval. Once we receive approval, we begin the cleaning process.  
  • Sanitization. Items are laundered in the Esporta Wash System. For soft goods that need even more care, we also treat them with a pre-wash soak and scrub.  
  • Drying. Textiles that can handle the heat are dried in an industrial dryer. If they are more delicate, then we process them in a specialized, humidity-controlled drying chamber.
  • Finishing. Afterward, dried items are steamed, pressed, and either folded or hung on a new hanger.
  • Storage. If our clients can’t immediately take their items back, they are stored in our facilities until they’re ready to be reunited with their owners. 
  • Move-Back. We deliver the items back to their owners. 

Laundry Cleaning as Part of Your Insurance Claim

Textile sanitization is often a covered part of an insurance claim after water and fire damage. We have processed textile claims for hundreds of clients and worked one-on-one with their insurance companies and adjusters. 

All insurance is accepted. 

Proven Clean

We’re the industry’s leading restoration company, and we take our job seriously. It’s not enough to wash items in the best textile sanitization system on the market--we also take the last step to prove that your items are clean. 

Before and after the washing cycle, we test textile items using ATP Testing. ATP stands for Adenosine Triphosphate. We swab the clothing items and put them into a hygiene monitoring meter to test for contamination levels. Zero is a perfect score--the item is considered food-grade safe! Higher numbers indicate higher contamination levels, and we make sure the numbers fall below our quality standard of safety before its return.  

The results are passed on to your insurance company to validate our procedure.  

Trust Amarillo’s Expert Damage Restoration Company

We’re a locally owned and Texan-run company in Amarillo, Texas. When we get a call for help, we know it’s from one of our neighbors. We’ll always be here for our hometown. 

Contact us anytime at (806) 331-4555 for guidance and expert consultation.  

What to Expect: Average Weather Year Round in Amarillo

10/11/2021 (Permalink)

Amarillo Texas Courthouse The rain and flooding situation in Amarillo can be significant. Water can severely damage your property, no matter how prepared you are.

The SERVPRO team in Amarillo is always on alert and is trained to take on tough jobs. And boy, do we have our work cut out for us! 

Amarillo is situated in the panhandle of Texas, and the weather here can be rough. In a given year, you could be dealing with drought, severe winter storms and thunderstorms, flooding, tornadoes, wildfires, and seismic activity. 

As a result, the Office of Emergency Management must ensure that the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) incorporates all five phases of emergency management – prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

But what does that mean for your home?

Considering the severity and emergency of the weather condition, the houses in Amarillo need more comprehensive cleaning and restoration services. Here’s what you need to know: 

Water Damage in Amarillo

The rain and flooding situation in Amarillo can be significant. Water can severely damage your property, no matter how prepared you are. 

Homes here usually have to deal with leakage and flood water damage, especially if they haven’t kept up regular maintenance and upkeep of the roof. If left standing inside a building for too long, the water can seep into the electrical systems and damage wiring and light fixtures, posing an even greater danger to your family and loved ones.

Moreover, the water can pool up inside the flooring, which must be cleaned immediately instead of waiting for rot and mold to set in. Also, if you have carpeted flooring, you might need to get it washed, or even replaced, to remove the odor. 

How SERVPRO Conducts Water Damage Restoration 

Our highly trained water damage restoration specialists are available 24/7 to serve you anytime you need emergency services. We will extract the water, fix your roof, clean, dry and sanitize your flooring, remove odor, restore your electrical system, and get rid of the mold as needed. 

Call Us For Help With Any Disaster Damage

If you have encountered your first thunderstorm in Amarillo and need assistance recovering from it, call us at our SERVPRO of Amarillo franchise number (806) 331-4555 and book our service today.

Amarillo Fireplace Cleaning and Restoration Services

10/11/2021 (Permalink)

Fireplace Inside Living Room No matter how safely you use them, it’s important to understand that fireplaces and chimneys can break down too.

At SERVPRO Amarillo, one of our jobs is to ensure that your fireplace continues to provide warmth and cozy comfort to your home to make it the lovely refuge you deserve. As a full-service restoration and cleaning company, SERVPRO provides you with chimney maintenance, inspection, repair, and cleaning solutions in Amarillo and across Texas. 

No matter how safely you use them, it’s important to understand that fireplaces and chimneys can break down too, especially if you live in an older house. We provide quick and reliable repair and restoration services to ensure that your fireplace and chimney are safe to use, well maintained, and primed to keep you warm for years. 

Fireplace Cleaning is Critical for Safety and Fire Prevention

If you neglect your fireplace and don’t get it cleaned or repaired, it can become a source of water damage, a shelter for animals, and a significant fire hazard. 

The sparks that light up the fireplace are highly flammable creosote. Creosote is deposited throughout the chimney and liner. Without getting the chimney inspected, you can never guess the condition of it on the inside and how clogged with creosote it is. 

It’s important to get a thorough inspection done before starting renovations. Of course, you could call the local chimney sweep to do it. But they won’t be able to tell you about the best and safest way to restore the fireplace. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to call in our restoration specialists. Our experienced technicians recognize potential fireplace hazards and can fix them, keeping your fireplace in proper working order all year.  

And in case your fireplace is badly deteriorated, you might need to replace the old one or install a new one. We can retrofit gas inserts and install new code-compliant gas fireplaces.

Call Us Today for Chimney Repairs and Cleaning

As Amarillo’s best, our expert technicians are only a call away. They examine the interior of your chimney to rule out any potential threats and ensure that it’s safe to use for the entire family. This is done using professional video inspection equipment that helps us look into the fireplace and sweep it carefully. 

Go ahead and give us a call before winter gets here. The number is (806) 331-4555, and we’re standing by to serve you. 

How Much Does Hail Damage Repair Cost in Amarillo, TX?

10/11/2021 (Permalink)

Exterior Hail Damage on Home In the aftermath of a hail storm, take a close look at your property and see what’s been hit.

Reports from the Insurance Information Institute indicate that from 2017 to 2019, Texas was ranked #1 for the most hail loss claims. Unfortunately, many residents had to come up with the cash to pay hail damage repair costs. 

When a hail storm hits your home or property, contact SERVPRO right away for Amarillo storm damage restoration at  (806) 331-4555 for a free quote. 

Continue reading to find out how much hail damage repairs cost in Amarillo, TX.

How Much Does Hail Damage Repair Cost?

The short answer — it all depends on what’s been damaged. Usually, windows and the roof sustain the most damage. 

There’s no definite answer as to how much exactly hail damage repair will cost in Amarillo, TX. Repair costs will be defined by what parts of your home have been impacted. 

In the aftermath of a hail storm, take a close look at your property and see what’s been hit. Windows are usually the first thing that property owners will look at after a hail storm. After examining the windows, you should check the roof. 

How Much Will I Pay for Repairs?

When a roof is damaged, the average cost to repair it after a hail storm is $6300. Overall pricing can increase with damage to other parts of your property. With damaged windows, roof, and siding, you might have to pay somewhere in the $10,000 range.

How to Reduce Hail Storm Damage Costs

The best way to reduce the hail damage repair cost in Amarillo is to make sure you protect your property before the weather turns.

Another way you can reduce your cost is by finding a local contractor that offers fair pricing. Look no further than SERVPRO of Amarillo. We’re faster to any size disaster. 

Contact SERVPRO today by calling us at (806) 331-4555.

Commercial Cleaning Services for Offices, Restaurants, and Businesses in Amarillo

10/11/2021 (Permalink)

Commercial Offices When you want a reliable Amarillo commercial cleaning service that offers the best rates, look no further than SERVPRO of Amarillo.

Increased handwashing and sanitary practices go a long way toward cutting down on the spread of pathogens. But once the Covid-19 pandemic ends, effective cleaning of homes and offices will also be needed.

If you own a business or a commercial property, get Amarillo commercial cleaning services from SERVPRO today. Call us at (806) 331-4555 and we will provide you the cleaning you need for your office, restaurant, or any other business.

Why Commercial Cleaning Is Critical 

2020 and most of 2021 have shown us how easy it can be for a virus to spread. Even if you are constantly washing your hands or socially distancing yourself, you can still come in contact with surfaces that harbor bacteria. 

More so, commercial properties usually see more foot traffic than the average residential building. Increased foot traffic kicks bacteria up from the floor and into the air you breathe. 

Your business will always need regularly scheduled commercial cleaning to ensure healthy air quality and safe surfaces. 

Benefits of Amarillo Commercial Cleaning Services 

Commercial cleaning services in Amarillo provide many benefits, such as:

  • Healtheir work environment
  • Increased employee productivity
  • High workplace appeal
  • Increased customer satisfaction

This list isn’t exhaustive and there are many other benefits that a regular commercial cleaning schedule can afford you. But the bottom line is commercial cleaning provides an overall healthier and more inviting atmosphere for you, your employees, and your clients.

Get Professional Commercial Cleaning in Amarillo 

When you want a reliable Amarillo commercial cleaning service that offers the best rates, look no further than SERVPRO of Amarillo. 

We can also provide you with commercial restoration for fire, water, mold, and storm damage.

Contact us today by filling out our online form or by calling us at (806) 331-4555.

Trust SERVPRO Amarillo for Building Restoration Services

10/11/2021 (Permalink)

Damage Interior Office Building No matter if fire or mold has damaged your home or business, SERVPRO of Amarillo can restore it to its former glory.

From 2014 to 2018, $7.2 billion in direct property damage occurred from an estimated average of 353,100 home structure fires per year, according to the NFPA. Many homes and businesses needed the help of restoration services to bring their properties back to their former beauty.

If you own a home or business that’s been damaged in a fire, a storm or flood, pick up the phone and call the professionals of SERVPRO of Amarillo at (806) 331-4555.

Why Choose SERVPRO for Building Restoration Services

SERVPRO’s team of building restoration experts has been helping clients since 1986, giving us over 35 years of experience in the industry. 

We’re located just a few blocks away from Downtown Amarillo, making it easy for us to arrive anywhere in Amarillo within a short time. We can also dispatch our team anywhere in the Panhandle.

Apart from our experience and location, we offer 24/7 services and you can call us anytime for a free quote. 

SERVPRO is Versatile

At SERVPRO, it’s our goal to minimize the impacts that fire, mold, water, and storm damage have on your property. For this reason, we make our services versatile so that we can apply them to any situation.

If a hurricane damaged your home and business, no worries, we can help dry your building, repair damage, and also prevent mold from colonizing. If a deadly fire has spread soot and ash throughout your building, we can remove it for you — on top of repairing water damage from putting out the fire and removing smoke smells. 

No matter what it is, we’ll do everything in our power to restore your property to how it looked before the disaster.

In addition, we also offer commercial cleaning services as well.

Contact SERVPRO Now for Reliable and Fast Building Restoration Services

No matter if fire or mold has damaged your home or business, SERVPRO of Amarillo can restore it to its former glory. 

When you’re in need of Amarillo building restoration, fill out our online form or call us at (806) 331-4555 for immediate assistance. 

Amarillo Water Damage Repair Costs

10/4/2021 (Permalink)

ceiling water damage Water damage should be treated ASAP to avoid long-term problems. If you’re looking for a water damage repair company reach out to SERVPRO.

Approximately 14,000 individuals in the United States per year encounter a water damage emergency in the residential and commercial sector. 

Unfortunately, water damage can lead to several problems, such as mold formation and mildew that develop 24-48 hours following water exposure. Contact with mold can cause health effects.

This is why it is vital to get water damage treatment as soon as possible after a flood or plumbing mishap. SERVPRO Amarillo provides exceptional water damage repair services in Amarillo and surrounding areas. Our certified experts are responsive to emergency calls, and they make sure that the job is carried out in a skilled manner. 

Contact us any time, day or night, at (806) 331-4555 for assistance. 

Water repair damage costs: A quick overview

SERVPRO provides all its services at market-competitive rates. However, water damage repair costs in Amarillo vary, depending on the nature of the work required. So, let’s dive into the possible damage repair costs you might have to pay in the event of a flood. 

Commercial Water Damage 

Water damage at a commercial property can slow work operations. But, if you delay the repair for long, your business will hurt more. So, whether the damage is due to a natural disaster or caused by a pipe burst, it’s essential to get it repaired as soon as possible. 

The team at SERVPRO can repair the damage, ensure structural drying, eliminate foul odors, and help you clean the upholstery and fabric at an affordable rate. 

Residential Water Damage

Several factors can cause residential water damage. For example, if your house has recently faced a natural disaster, broken or leaky appliances, sewage backups, or if you have a flooded basement, you can contact SERVPRO to learn about the rates. 

SERVPRO’s teams offer swift emergency assistance to ensure that all property's water is emptied before causing additional damage. The experts also ensure the flooding's root cause is resolved and the property is dry and ready for use asap.

Get a Free Quote

Water damage should be treated as soon as possible to avoid long-term problems. If you’re looking for a reliable water damage repair company in Amarillo, reach out to SERVPRO to get a quote. SERVPRO has a team of skilled professionals ready to give you a hand. 

Smoke and Odor Removal Services in Amarillo

10/4/2021 (Permalink)

smoking indoors The experts at SERVPRO ensure the job is executed professionally.

Natural disasters, plumbing issues, sewage problems, and fire damage all lead to foul odor in a building or home. For example, the atrocious odors caused by water damage are musty, whereas those produced after a fire are too smoky to inhale safely.  

Regardless of the cause, foul odors can cause health effects. 

It is essential to eliminate smoke and odor as quickly as you can. SERVPRO extends odor removal and deodorization services in Amarillo to help you get rid of the foul smell. 

Call us day or night for a free quote on our Odor Removal Services at (806) 331-4555.

Fixing the Root Cause 

The experts at SERVPRO ensure the job is executed professionally. Instead of simply eliminating the scent, our teams identify its primary source and the surfaces it has penetrated. Once we’ve identified where the smell has permeated, we remove it entirely, at a molecular level, with equipment. 

IICRC Certified Teams

Most people attempt to get rid of foul scents by masking them with a more pleasant fragrance. However, this method is only effective if the smell is not strong and persistent. 

This is why SERVPRO has employed a team of trained professionals who can identify and eliminate unpleasant scents in residential and commercial settings. Our specialists use their training from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) to ensure that all odors are treated and eliminated correctly. 

Take Advantage of Odor Removal Services in Amarillo

If you’re catching a whiff of an unpleasant scent, reach out to the experts at SERVPRO. The teams will skillfully identify the smell, find its root cause, and leave your building smoke and odor-free.  You can get in touch at any time, as SERVPRO provides 24/7 emergency services. 

Hail Damage Roof Repair: What You Need to Know

10/4/2021 (Permalink)

storm damage on roof A dependable hail damage roof repair service can alleviate your concerns. SERVPRO Amarillo accepts calls 24/7.

According to recent statistics, intense winds and hail cause 15 billion dollars in losses in the US alone, accounting for around 40 percent of insurance claims.

The associated costs associated with storm and hail damage can quickly accrue, since hail damage impacts just about everything outside, including your windows, cars, and roof. 

Some hail damage signs are visible from the ground, like dented cars and broken windows. However, unnoticeable and hidden hail damage requires a seasoned professional to detect. 

Even when you don’t have roof holes because of hail damage, a hail damage roof inspection team is necessary to gauge the intensity of the destruction and how you can proceed with the necessary roof repairs.

For immediate assistance, contact SERVPRO Amarillo at (806) 331-4555 for a free consultation. 

How Does Hail Damage the Roof?

The extent of roof damage from hail is contingent on several factors: 

  • Wind direction
  • Hail size
  • Wind speed
  • Roof material
  • Roof condition 

However, no matter the elements, hail damage can be destructive for a roof and lead to roof leakages and other problems.

The loss can be cosmetic or functional. But cosmetic destruction is often more severe than it seems. For example, issues like denting, broken edges, granule loss, and punctures can cause severe complications, although they might seem like only surface problems initially.

Here is an in-depth analysis of how hail damage impacts a common asphalt shingle roof:

Granule Loss

A granule is like the sandpaper section of the shingle. When shingles lose a granule, their blacktop coating is open to the elements, leading to quicker aging. So make sure you monitor your downspouts and gutters after a hailstorm to check if the granules are missing from your shingles.

Exposed Fiberglass Mat

The impact of hail on roofs can shatter the surfacing of shingles, causing them to break from the fiberglass mat below.

Shingle Cracks

High winds or hard hail collisions can cause cracks while gripping the shingles. This can result in tears and exposure, which can leave your rooftop with visible bald spots. In addition, cracked shingles can’t efficiently secure your rooftop from extreme weather conditions.

Fractured Fiberglass Mat

When it comes to fractured fiberglass, it can be slightly harder to identify and typically requires a skilled person. In addition, fractured fiberglass mats can lead to cracks and tears that continue to get bigger if left alone, threatening the integrity of your roof.

When you know about these common types of damages from hail, you can look for damage indicators on your roof post-hailstorm.

Wrapping Up

A dependable hail damage roof repair service can alleviate your concerns. SERVPRO Amarillo accepts calls 24/7. To request a free quote on your roof repair, call us at (806) 331-4555.

Commercial Mold Testing in Amarillo

10/4/2021 (Permalink)

Mold in home Getting your building tested for mold can save you from losing out on operational hours in the long run. SERVPRO also offers 24/7 emergency services!

Mold likes to form on drywall, fabric, wooden structures, and even carpeting. However, commercial buildings are designed to retain a stable temperature indoors and mold is typically more common in commercial structures. This is because of the condensation that occurs when temperatures outside fall but the air inside is heated. As a result, moisture is formed, which creates an ideal environment for mold to develop. 

Mold formation can have detrimental effects on commercial properties. Companies may even have to pause their operations, as mold poses a threat for workers and customers. According to the CDC, mold can cause health effects.

If you think your building may have a mold problem, get SERVPRO’s commercial mold testing services in Amarillo. SERVPRO professionals are certified to test and remediate mold in commercial sectors. Contact us 24/7 for a free quote.

Mold Testing

In professional mold testing, an air or surface sample is collected to check the presence of mold. The testing also determines the type of mold found in the sample and if it can grow in the surrounding areas. SERVPRO’s team can professionally conduct mold testing in Amarillo to ensure your commercial building is irritant-free. 

Mold Remediation

If mold is left untreated in one spot, it can infect other areas of a property. The mold removal process prevents the infestation from spreading to other sites. Once the infestation is controlled, mold remediation is carried out meticulously. 

SERVPRO experts strategically and effectively manage and remediate mold in commercial buildings as quickly as possible. Moreover, the team has years of experience under their belt, which means they can perform the job while causing minimal disruptions in workplace operations.

Get Your Commercial Property Tested for Mold In Amarillo 

Getting your building tested for mold can save you from losing out on operational hours in the long run. SERVPRO also offers 24/7 emergency services, so get in touch now and make your property safe and mold-free ASAP. 

Call us anytime, day or night, at (806) 331-4555.